Miami Neuroscience Institute has one of the most robust neuroscience research programs in the region. Many of our trials and research studies lead to better treatments and outcomes for patients.

Our multifaceted research program focuses on several areas, including:

We focus not only on new treatment approaches, but also improvements to hospital processes. Ultimately, we aim to create better patient outcomes while advancing the field of neuroscience.

How do patients benefit from neuroscience research?

Through our research, we provide patients with more effective treatment options that:

  • Reduce time from diagnosis to treatment
  • Shorten hospital stays and recovery time
  • Improve outcomes and survival

Current Clinical Trials

We are currently involved with several neuroscience clinical trials and research studies, including several studies with our colleagues at Miami Cancer Institute. Our team actively looks for more research opportunities, especially those involved with acute stroke care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Miami Neuroscience Institute is involved with four projects funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including two clinical trials.

    We are also participating in two NIH studies that look at why stroke patients are more likely to suffer another stroke. The goal of these studies is to track risk factors, so we can better educate patients and reduce the risk of another stroke.

    Participating in these national trials requires a high standard in the quality of our research and our facilities, which translates to better outcomes and care for our patients.

  • Patients who participate in our clinical trials must match certain criteria. If your doctor or nurse believes you would be a good candidate for one of our trials or studies, they will notify you before you are discharged from the hospital, and a clinical research coordinator will contact you with more details.

    If you want to learn more about clinical trial opportunities at Miami Neuroscience Institute, talk with your doctor or view a list of current clinical trials.

  • One of our nurse-led research programs has reduced the time it takes to treat stroke patients by half. Most patients who arrive in one of our Emergency Centers with ischemic stroke now receive clot-busting tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) treatment in just over 21 minutes. A similar program is now working to reduce the time it takes to get stroke patients to our interventional neuroradiologists to remove the blood clot causing the stroke through a minimally invasive endovascular approach.

    Miami Neuroscience Institute is also piloting a program that uses video conferencing in ambulances to jumpstart some of the tests and treatments we now do when the patient arrives at the hospital.

For more general information about clinical trials and research, visit:

NIH Clinical Center

Center Watch